Francisco José Blanco, born in Venezuela, living in Sweden. Art studies at El Taller Libre de Arte in Caracas, L´Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and The Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. Has received various cultural awards in France, Belgium and Sweden. He works with oil painting, sculpture, drawing, water-colour, textiles, photo and installations. He combines in his art different cultural elements, mainly of Europe and South America. Since 1963 he has been making 68 personal exhibitions and taken part in about 300 group exhibitions in Europe and South America.

Blanco has been teaching art during many years in Sweden and has also done many happenings, music performances and art conferences in Sweden and other countries.

In 1981 F. Blanco made a monumental painting work for the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm and in 2006 he made a colour scheme for the whole environment in the administration of the SYVAB water purifying plant in Grödinge, Stockholm.

The Melanges Cultural Association published in Sweden year 2001 a book about his oeuvre titled
"Francisco José Blanco - A South American artist in Europe".

In 2009 F. Blanco made a double cd record with his own poems and songs; title of the record: The Wonderful Years; this cd is in french, english, spanish and swedish.

A selection of representations in public

Linköpings Museum, Sweden
Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
The Art Museum in Oulu, Finland
National Museum, Stockholm
Art Museum of Lund, Sweden
National Museum, Egmore, Chennai, India
Alvar A. Museum and Jyväskylä Town, Finland
Tidaholm Museum, Sweden
La Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas
Hälsinglands Museum, Sweden
Swedish Embassy in Guatemala City
Ministry of Culture, Caracas, Venezuela
School Administration of Aalborg, Denmark
The Skövde Art Museum, Sweden
Laholms Drawing Museum, Sweden
Museum and Art Centre of Denpasar, Bali
Puri Lukisan Art Museum, Ubud, Bali
National Organisation of Art, Riom, France
National Art Council, Stockholm, Sweden
Kala Academy of Art and Music, Panaji, India
Jacobo Borges Art Museum, Caracas, Venezuela
Museum of Erotic Art, Paris, France
The University of Uppsala, Sweden
The New York Public Library, USA
Art Collection of Tomelilla, Sweden
The Collection of Drawings in the National
Library of Ireland, Dublin
Indira G. National Centre for the Arts, New Dehli
The Collection of Prints in the National Library of Florence, Italy
A selection of personal exhibitions:
1963 Art Gallery in El Taller L. de A. Caracas
1964 Art Center of the Economical Society, Bogotá
1973 The Art Museum in Oulu, Finland
1974 Taidepiste Art Gallery, Oulu, Finland
1975 Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Oslo
1976 Orly Airport Art Gallery, Paris
1976 Hälsinglands Museum, Sweden
1977 Linköpings Museum, Sweden
1977 Örebro Culture Centre, Sweden
1978 Konstnärshuset in Stockholm
1980 Örnsköldsvik Art Centre, Sweden
1981 The Ystad Art Museum, Sweden
1983 Konstfrämjandet Gallery in Stockholm
1985 Harmonia Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finland
1987 Sölvesborg Art Centre, Sweden
1989 Tomelilla Art Centre, Sweden
1991 Guido de Spa Art Gallery, Amsterdam
1993 Nordjylland Art Museum, Denmark
1999 La Galerie Mailletz, Paris
2000 Salk-hallen Centre, Stockholm
2000 Aguéli Art Gallery, Stockholm
2002 Aguéli Art Gallery, Stockholm
2003 Husby Art Centre, Stockholm
2003 B:fors Art Gallery, Stockholm
2004 B:fors Art Gallery, Stockholm
2004 Galleri Bellman, Stockholm
2006 Sculpture Park in Ängelsberg, Sweden
2007 B:fors Art Gallery, Stockholm
2008 Mångkulturell centrum, Stockholm

"A world of symbolic and exotic images, with forms of explosive character, nevertheless organised in
a vibrating rhythm. Blanco has created in his work a synthesis of the traditions of modern art in South America and Europe".

"Swedish art during 1900", Dictionary of artists, Natur och Kultur, Sweden 1991

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